Let me introduce myself…

Well, here we are. Hello, I’m Nathan Little and welcome to my blog.

Here you will be able to find examples of my artwork, be it sculptural¬†work, illustrations or anything in between. I shall be starting by making weekly updates, so expect to see a new piece of work on here every week,¬†something resembling a schedule will hopefully arise. I’m not sure how wordy these things are going to be in future, but these ones require a little explanation.

I’m gonna start us off with a couple of things. First I’m gonna go back half a decade and look at a piece of work from 2012.

thoughts artwork

“thought bubble”, 2012, plaster, red plasticine, wood, white paint

This was back from my time at Bath Spa university when I was producing almost exclusively sculpture. I was making a lot of strange creatures that looked like the creation on the top right. Everything in the box is the “thought bubble” that led to the creation of the finished work in the top right, which had now escaped my mind.

Moving right up to the present, let’s look at the latest thing I’ve drawn.


This right here is more of a tester than anything. I got my first drawing tablet just a few weeks ago and I’m already loving it. There’s so much you can do with this thing, I can already tell that once I start familiarizing myself with everything it’s going to make drawing so much easier.

I’ll leave that there for now but please, tune in next week when I’ll have something brand new to show.